A Simple Recipe for Successful Change

During a seminar I attended a while ago a visualization was shown of a framework for thinking about systems change. It was based on its original from T. Knoster, R. Villa, J. Thousand (2000). It captures the 5 essential elements that should be in place for a successful change:

  1. Vision (the purpose and direction)
  2. Skills (hard and soft skills)
  3. Incentives (in this modified picture ‘incentives’ was renamed into ‘urgency’ which I like even more because it emphasises the ‘why’)
  4. Resources (money, tools)
  5. Action plan (strategy)

I like the simplicity of the visualization. Although it was originally created for education, it’s relevant for complex changes in general. It can be used as a very lightweight assessment tool and ignite a discussion about what should be in place for a successful change. Not addressing one of these five elements can result in undesirable results for your the change. This result is outlined by the acronym CRAFT (Confusion, Resistance, Anxiety, Frustration, Treadmill). Check this Prezi presentation for more details.




My goal wasn’t to analyze this visualization in detail. Just wanted to share it. Maybe you like it as well! Consider this blog post as a tweet with a bit more context 🙂