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*** This article was also published in Dutch; because of some requests I’ve translated it into English***

Last week I got invited by Werner Vaarwerk from Axis into Management to provide a presentation about the Dutch article “7 maatregelen voor Agile Governance“. This article – written together with Rini van Solingen – was published some time ago in the magazine “Automatiseringsgids”. It describes 7 recommendations for setting up Agile governance within your organization. This weeks presentation was for the Agile Leadership taskforce from the Agile Consortium. This taskforce aims to develop a vision for leadership in an agile environment.

The evening before the presentation I made a radical change. I decided not to discuss the article but instead make a connection between Agile governance and the concept Scrum Studio. It resulted in the following program.


  • What is Agile governance?
  • Why are Agile and governance such a difficult combination?
  • A possible answer: Scrum Studio
  • What are the characteristics of a Scrum Studio?
  • What is the goal of a Scrum Studio?
  • What is the impact on the culture?
  • What are examples of a Scrum Studio?
  • How to start setting up a Scrum Studio?
  • Why are Agile contracts necessary?
  • What are the success factors and pitfalls?
  • Is a Scrum Studio interesting for your organization?


Scrum Studio

The main topics of the presentation are #agile, #governance, #culture and #contracts. Als a possible solution for the ideal governance that enables agility the concept “Scrum Studio” is introduced. This is a relative new concept that is currently being developed by in collaboration with the Scrum Caretakers group.

Scrum is a framework for developing and maintaining complex products. The goal of Scrum Studio is to offer an environment that fully supports the realization of these products. This by setting up a “studio” that fulfil all the necessary conditions. These conditions are – among other things – concerned with the governance and culture of the organization. Two examples are cXstudio and the Digital Solution Centre of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. These organizations didn’t deliberately choose for Scrum Studio, but do have lot’s of similarities.

Yes! Feedback

Based on the responses I’ve received from the taskforce Agile Leadership the presentation about “Agile Governance & Scrum Studio” was interesting and valuable. Despite the preparations were done in less than a week. But speaking from your own values and beliefs doesn’t have to take much preparation…

The most valuable part was the received feedback. Feedback on the concept Scrum Studio. For sure it has got the potential to enable organizations increase their agility. Especially in case of innovative, complex product development. But what is the impact of a Scrum Studio on the organization as a whole? What are the possibilities for departments that are not directly related to product development? How do you even start a Scrum Studio?

My Proposal

The most important part when building a new product is to validate if you’re building the right product. It is the end-users feedback you want most. Therefore, don’t focus on gathering internal feedback from the organization itself, but try to get as much external feedback as possible. Taking this into account it means we shouldn’t develop the concept of Scrum Studio internally within and the Scrum Caretakers group. We should gather feedback from the organizations that might truly use the concept of Scrum Studio.

Therefore, when…

  • Agile governance, culture and Agile contracting are relevant topics in your organization…
  • You struggle to find a good structure that enables Agile governance…
  • The concept of Scrum Studio sounds appealing as a possible solution…

Then my proposal is to give the presentation “Agile Governance & Scrum Studio” also in your organization. The session probably will take 2 hours, including the earlier mentioned program and discussion. It isn’t my goal to receive a huge fee. Compensation for travel expenses would already be great. Right now, gathering feedback that helps improve the concept of Scrum Studio is most important.

If you are interested or if you know an organization (or seminar) for whom it is interesting: feel free to contact me!

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  1. Very interesting view of using agile method in matters related to governance, this will certainly help to speed up processes which have a tendency to slack off when it comes to matter of governance.

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