My Year in Pictures

As you might have noticed the year 2017 is coming to an end. Although doing a Retrospective is a weekly habit, a yearly Retrospective is also useful to do. Therefore I’ve used this week for some personal reflection and thought of my plans for upcoming year. Given all the cool stuff I’ve done this year, it will be a challenge to outperform myself in 2018; but I’m definitely going to try it!

In this blog post I’ve summarised some of the cool stuff that I’ve done this year. I’m very grateful for all the opportunities I got offered. I’ve met so many great people… I consider myself tremendously lucky to be part of an amazing community. Thank you all!

So what are my epic moments, achievements etc…

Having every public Professional Scrum Master class fully booked!

Creating and providing the Scrum Master Advanced course

My first keynote ever at Agile Spain

The Zombie Scrum workshops with Christiaan and Johannes

Collaboration with Christiaan in particular

Co-Creation with CGI

Scrum Day Europe in Amsterdam

Agile by Example in Warsaw

Agile Leadership Day in Zurich

Scrum Days in Warsaw

Product Owner training with Kai Stevens F2F in Boston

Scrum Day London

Professional Scrum Master training with Ari Byland in Zurich

Professional Scrum Master training with Magda Firlit in Warsaw

Discovering and practicing Liberating Structures

Recording a podcast for the Scrum Master toolbox with Vasco Duarte

Collaborating with Ugilic and the Agile Akademiet

Co-Facilitating a large team self-selection event

Facilitating an Agile HR workshop at Schiphol

Collaborating with Co-Learning and attending the LeSS training

Collaborating with Bart Hufen and using the gamestorm concept

Lean Change Management course with Jason Little

Facilitating a workshop for the Scrum Masters at KPN

Zombie-Scrum workshop at Haufe-Umantis with Tom Suter


In this blog post I’ve uploaded some pictures of a few personal epic moments and achievements of 2017. If you’ve contributed to these events in some way: thanks a lot! I hope you’ve also had a great year.

Let’s make 2018 an awesome year as well!

2 thoughts to “My Year in Pictures”

  1. Barry,

    Wow! What an impressive overview. It seems hardly possible to fit all this in one year. I am very honoured to be in it and look forward to many more PO trainings to come 🙂

    – Kai

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