Review: Agile Planet


Title: Agile Planet – A travel guide to the Agile universe
Author: Fabian Schiller
Published: 2014
Publisher: Leanpub

The idea of Agile Planet is to be a travel guide to various Agile topics. The book is designed to be written and drawn incrementally. Starting out with a smaller set of topics (14 at this moment) and growing over time. It already covers most of the obvious topics like Scrum, Kanban and Lean, but subjects like Cynefin and Real Options were pretty new for me.

The book is built with four concepts in mind: incremental, spaceboxed, subjective routes and open contributions. Incremental because most sections are independent and therefore new topics can be added easily. It’s spaceboxed by using the same structure for every subject: a very short summary of 140 characters, an overview with 200 words and a visual. This structure offers the opportunity to quickly read a topic you’re interested in and gather the most important information. Hyperlinks, in the section ‘Unlimited Knowledge’ are added to webpages that contains more detailed information.

The target audience is quite broad, ranging from Scrum team members, managers to Agile coaches. But it’s also an ideal book to read for people completely new to Agile. I will definitely recommend it for customers I will be coaching/training and willing to gather some basic information.

Although the amount of topics is still pretty limited, it was definitely worth buying. The shared Trello board contains lot’s of new topics that might be added. But the current topics already offered me enough new information or at least inspiration to do some more research on my own. I like the concept and structure of the book because it invites you to quickly gather some information about a specific topic and gives you an ideal handout to discuss with e.g. customers.

But aren’t there any downsides or suggestions for improvement? Uhm.. no.. not that I can think of right now. I am looking forward to the new topics being added and will maybe try to offer some insights myself.