Scaled Scrum is Still Scrum

NexusAs a preparation for Scrum Day Europe I did some research this weekend about scaling Scrum. Hereby I stumbled upon an article recently written by Edwin Dando called ‘Scaled Scrum is still Scrum‘. Edwin discussed The Nexus Framework as part of the new Scaled Professional Scrum training together with some colleagues and wrote down his experiences.

The article expresses my current thoughts about scaling Scrum perfectly. Often organisations start with scaling Scrum while they haven’t even mastered the basics of Scrum yet. By doing so, the pitfall is they will only scale the current dysfunctions and hereby increase them. Why not start doing ‘Professional Scrum’ before scaling it?

For me, the most striking part is:

“Scrum promotes bottom-up thinking with top down support to discover and emerge what works best for you, your organisation and your context. There is no magic framework or “solution” to scaling Scrum. Each situation is unique and requires care, skill, thoughtfulness and evidence of the impact of small, regular change experiments.”

If you’re interested in scaling Scrum, Edwin’s article is definitely worth reading!