Scrum Day London 2016

Yesterday the first edition of Scrum Day London took place. The edition where we celebrated the 21st birthday of Scrum. To start with the conclusion: it was great! In this blog post I’ll share my favourite quotes, some new developments and a question to think¬†about. Writing this down helps me to revive the day again and gives you an impression of the event itself.

Agile Friends

At the start¬†I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of two valuable Agile friends: Per Molsing Beining and Carl Adamson. Both of them have a tremendous amount of Scrum experience and therefore would be great Professional Scrum Trainers. Not becoming a PST simply isn’t an option. Wise men as they are, they agreed and committed themselves into passing the PSM II exam ūüėČ

Scrum Day London 2016

Quotes of the Day

During the day I attended thought provoking presentations about ‘organisational transformation’, ‘scaling Scrum’, ‘product development’ and ‘engineering’. Between intensive listening I did manage to write down some quotes. You can probably download the full presentation via the speakers personal website¬†or organization.

  • “The Scrum Stance: people employ empiricism to optimize the value of their work.” – Gunther Verheyen
  • “Assume all your constraints are debateable. Dare to ask why.” – Karen Bowes
  • “We made the decision never to build new stuff upon old stuff.” – Rob Harding
  • “Invest in pioneers, but make sure the link between them and the rest of the organization doesn’t break.” – Rob Harding
  • “Embrace the transparency that Agile brings.” – Rob Harding
  • “A lack of skilled Product Owners from the business is one of the top barriers to being more Agile.” – Diego Lo Guidice
  • “Strategy is useless without delivery.” – Edwin Dando
  • “Measure outcomes. Measure direct evidence.” – Dave West
  • “Some organizations paste Agile wallpaper over existing structure and declare they’re Agile. But the traditional organization leaks through.” – Ken Schwaber

New Developments

Scrum Day London was also the venue where some new developments and insights were shared. More information and details will follow the upcoming time, but in short, the new developments are about:

  • Scrum Studio – a separate organization for innovative, Agile work with a focus on professionalism, and organizational support for ‘done’
  • Scrum Development Kit – a kit with tools and practices that support Application Lifecycle Management
  • The news that a new version of the Scrum Guide will appear¬†in July! It will¬†contain a description of the Scrum values.
  • A possible refinement of the mission statement. The first 21 years were about improving the profession of software development. The next ’21 years’ will be about improvement the profession of software delivery.

A Thought Provoking Question

The day was closed by Ken Schwaber who posed a simple, but thought provoking question:

When was the last Sprint you delivered a potentially releasable¬†increment? If that’s a while ago, why?

Personally, this was a difficult question because it confronted me with the fact that it’s been quite a while¬†since I’ve worked with Development Teams. Nowadays I’m more involved with Agile transformations that focus on delivering changes instead of products. This results in¬†a distance between myself and the Development Teams. Often these transformations are realized using the Scrum framework as guidance. So a more suitable question in this context could also be “When was the last Sprint you delivered a successful ‘done’ change initiative?” Questions to give some more thought…

Overall Feeling

Overall I highly enjoyed Scrum Day London. As Gunther mentioned during the day, Scrum Day London felt like an event instead of a conference. An event is about interaction & collaboration. It’s small enough to create an atmosphere where speakers mingle in¬†with participants. A conference is larger and often contains a distance between the speakers and participants. Scrum Day London felt like a concise¬†group of¬†likeminded people. Therefore my last words are directed to Nana Abban as the ultimate host and Simon Reindl who demonstrated¬†the art of facilitation: great job guys! We’ll meet again soon.