The Agile Principles Checklist

There are quite a lot of models available to assess the maturity of agile teams. For example, you’ve got the Spotify Health Check Model[1], the Prowareness Agility Ladder[2] and the Scrum checklist by Henrik Kniberg[3]. Ben Linders even added an overview on his website with dozens of agile checklists!

Some of these models perform in-depth analysis and some only do a simple check on a team’s agile maturity level. I’m a fan of the latter: the power of simplicity. Every assessment is an invitation for a conversation. The sooner and more often the conversation occurs the better. Of course, some detailed data to have an in depth conversation would be nice, but it’s a pitfall to keep analysing a teams performance without actually doing something with the results.

Agile isn’t a goal in itself

Important to mention is that being Agile or doing Scrum shouldn’t be a goal on itself. The goal should be to become as successful as possible. Measuring how strictly you use the agile principles isn’t the point, but if you are a firm believer in the agile mindset to become successful, than assessing the team against the agile principles can be useful.

In Geoff Watt’s book Scrum Mastery I stumbled upon a picture of a team mapping themselves against the 12 agile principles. I liked the simplicity of this approach. Sure, this doesn’t provide you with detailed information on a team’s performance, but it’s enough to have some high-level insights on a team’s agile maturity. Considering the short amount of it takes it’s definitely worth a try.

The Agile Principles Checklist

Today I’ve taken 20 minutes to create a simple spreadsheet that can be used to assess a team’s agile maturity against the 12 agile principles. An example of the result is shown in the picture below.

How Agile is my Team

Download the checklist

You can download the spreadsheet via my personal website. Feel free to give it a try during e.g. a retrospective or knowledge sharing session. Hope it’s useful to you.


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