The Cultural Conversation

Cultural_Conversations_logo_COLOR_1(1)As you might have noticed I’m currently writing a series of blog posts about the culture of Prowareness. Therefore I’m nowadays a keen observer of cultural behaviour. Last Tuesday, during our company meeting, something interesting happened. Before I’ll give you the details, I’ll first share some information about ‘the Prowareness Tuesday’.

The Prowareness Tuesday

Every Tuesday afternoon (04:00 – 08:00 PM) we come together with the whole company to improve ourselves, do team activities, make organizational decisions, talk about financial progress and get feedback from our customers. These Tuesday afternoons are always started with some team-time. This stand-up-like meeting is held in-front of the region-whiteboard. It contains all the necessary information radiators. There we talk about the happiness and achievements of the team members and share updates about sales, recruitment and events. This team time is tremendously valuable, because it’s where everyone’s well-being is gathered. It gives full transparency on the team’s performance.

The Cultural Conversation

Last Tuesday our CEO shared some insights and observations in front of the entire organization. It was about the boundaries within which every employee has the freedom to employ his/her entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurship is related to some of our cultural values, like ‘ambition’ and ‘teamwork’. The details of the conversation are not relevant for this article, most important is the fact we have these kind of conversations. We literally call this ‘cultural conversations’. Conversations in which we share experiences that are related to our cultural values.

Prowareness is growing rapidly. One of our main concerns is how to preserve the culture we’re currently having. A culture we highly appreciate. In the end, culture is the equation of the mindset, behaviour and skills. By continuously having cultural conversations and sharing observed behaviour you can influence the culture. More important, connecting the shown behaviour to the cultural values clarifies the intention and enables everyone to truly act accordingly to the values. It prevents the cultural values to become some nice statements hidden in some employee manual.

The best part of it… everyone can have a cultural conversation!

How often do you have a cultural conversation within your organization?