The Journey Continuous

The Liberators

As you might have noticed Christiaan and I started the company The Liberators. You can find all the details about our intentions in the blog post “The Liberators: Unleashing Organisational Superpowers“. The short version is that we aim to liberate individuals, teams, and organizations from de-humanizing and ineffective ways of organizing work by putting them in control of shaping their future. It is our experience that magic happens when you tap into the collective intelligence and creativity of people doing the work.

“It’s all about unleashing organisational Superpowers.”


From now on, I’ll be fully dedicated in making The Liberators a great success! This also means working as effective and efficient as possible. Taking this into account, posting weekly blog posts on multiple platforms wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Therefore I decided to stop publishing articles on my personal website. This website will be rebuild into a simple page with only my portfolio.

Learn more?

Of course we hope you’re interested in the concept of The Liberators and you want to continu reading our articles. Therefore we created a Medium page which will contain all the new articles written by us or our guest-writers. Most of the articles will also be published on LinkedIn, so following Christiaan or myself on this platform is recommended. An overview of all our products and services can be found on our company page. Don’t worry, building a new version of the website is ordered high on our Product Backlog 🙂

If you’ve got any questions and/or comments, feel free to reach out!