Transformation? Leaders go First!

downloadAn oldie by Michael Sahota but still a some important insights regarding organizational transformations.

  1. Transformation is a direction. Real transformation is about pursuit of a direction, not achievement of a goal. A living, growing systems will continue to pass through a series of many small transformations as per diagram below.
  2. Each person transforms. When we talk about an organization transforming we are are really talking about the aggregate of the transformations of all the individuals.
  3. Leaders go first and become attractors. Some people will go first. These people will act as leaders in the context of the organizational transformation.
  4. Success requires that the leadership team go first. If an organization truly wishes to transform, then the leadership of the company need to transform first.
  5. Change artists lead the leaders. The change artist needs to transform first so they themselves can act as a symbol of transformation. It is not possible for a change artist to facilitate a transformation without having gone through the journey themselves.

Check the original article for some nice visualizations!